Controlled product guidance with coil scanner and

wire scanner for optimized position-accurate winding and straight-line unwinding.

Coil scanner TDS 3D

The 3D coil scanner is the innovative sensor for the winding technology for measuring the coil geometry and for flange detection during winding in real time. The sensor is suitable for all electronic winders, especially for the ED, MW and SW class winders and machines.

Automatic detection of coil flanges of cylindrical and conical coils for continuous detection of reversal points according to the winding position.

Reliable measurement of coils and winding materials with different shape, color, material or surface.

Distance measurement and detection of flange and reversal points for automatic layer winding of matt to highly reflective coils or winding materials.

Can be used in combination with the Winding Controller MCU for high precision or layer winding.

Artikel Nr.: SWTDSV2

Wire scanner MPS

The MPS wire scanner detects the position of a wide variety of winding materials, e.g. wire, flat wire, fiber optics, glass fiber or fine wire.

The wire scanner detects the position of the winding material orthogonal to the winding direction and can thus be used for straight-line unwinding. For certain winding materials, such as solder or demanding winding processes, the wire scanner is also used in combination with the spool scanner for layer-optimized spooling.

The wire scanner detects finest wires from a diameter of only 10µm.

Can be used in combination with the Winding Controller MCU for straight unwinding and layer-optimized winding.

Artikel Nr.: SWMPSV2