Product overview

Umspulmaschine ED-Klasse

ED class winder

The compact solution for small spools, thin wires and fine fibers for unwinding, winding and rewinding.

  • Coil weight up to 3 Kg
  • Coil diameter up to 260 mm
  • Laying width up to 250 mm

MW EDR Umspuler -

MW class winder

The professional solution for unwinding, winding and rewinding small and medium spools for round and flat wires, foils and fibers.

  • Coil weight up to 5 Kg
  • Coil diameter up to 360 mm
  • Laying width up to 250 mm
  • Coil traversing


SW Umspulanlage -

SW class winder

The first-class solution for automated and high-precision decoiling, recoiling and rewinding of a wide variety of coil shapes, round and flat wires, foils and fibers.

  • Coil weight up to 25 Kg
  • Coil diameter up to 460 mm
  • Laying width up to 325 mm
  • Coil traversing
  • Automatic tensioning unit
  • Automatic coil change optional


Tension regulator / dancer

The perfect solution for the required tensile force range:

  • Electromagnetic dancer EDR 10 / tensile force 2mN to 1000mN NEW
  • Electromagnetic dancer EDL 60 / tensile force 10cN to 600cN
  • Electromagnetic dancer EDL 60G / Tensile force 100cN to 900cN
  • Electronic linear dancer EBL 100 / tensile force up to 10N
  • Electronic linear dancer EBL 500 / tensile force up to 50N NEW
  • Mechanical rotary dancer GDR 10N / tractive force up to 10N
  • Electronic dancer memory


Winding Controller MCU

The Winding Controller MCU is a processor-controlled real-time solution for high-precision laying during winding and contains all powerful software functions for unwinding, winding and rewinding.

The comprehensive equipment of the Winding Controller convinces with intelligent technolgical functions for automated unwinding, winding and rewinding.

Thanks to the software modules, the performance and functional scope of the Winding Controller is always flexible and optimally adaptable.

Software SUMMI DE Produktion -


The SUMMI software is a convenient user software (HMI) for parameterizing, operating and monitoring winding technology components and machines on a touch panel.

SUMMI pro:

  • HMI user program for touch panel PCs, notebooks, and tablets with Windows
  • Parameterization and operation of multiple dancer controllers EDD and / or Winding Controller MCU
  • Easy operation and monitoring of unwinding, winding and rewinding machines


  • Anpassbare HMI-Bedienoberfläche für Panels von Siemens
  • Combines SIEMENS conventional SPS with Supertek real-time solution
  • Operate and monitor complex unwinding, rewinding or rewinding processes


Bedienpanel PC -

Operating units

The right solution for operating and monitoring machines as a compact operating and control unit or as an ergonomic support arm operating panel for unwinding, winding and rewinding machines.

  • Operating unit CMC
  • MTP SUMMI operating unit – PC NEW
  • MTP SUMMI control panel – SIMATIC NEW


Flanschsensor -

Coil scanner and wire scanner

The TDS 3D coil scanner measures the coil geometry in real time and is suitable for automated and layer-optimized spooling.

The MPS wire scanner detects the position of wires and is used, among other things, for automated straight-line unwinding.

  • Coil scanner TDS 3D / for measuring coil geometry in real time. NEW
  • Wire scanner MPS / for position detection of round and flat wires from 10µm diameter. NEW

Uebersicht -

Smooth running idler pulleys

Depending on the application and material, suitable deflection rollers are required. Supertek offers special, smooth-running deflection rollers especially for precise winding processes:

  • Product-friendly material handling
  • Precise length measurement
  • Accurate speed measurement
  • Exact tensile force