Innovative winding technology

Supertek mechanical engineering manufactures machines for precise and automated winding, coiling, measuring, extruding, drawing, lengthening, cooling, dyeing or cutting.

Coil winding machines for cylindrical and conical coils and for a wide variety of winding materials:

wire – fine wire – flat wire – solder

optical fiber – glass fiber – plastic fiber – filament – silk

Foil and tapes

Machines and equipment

You get customized machines flexibly, quickly and economically – thanks to innovative winding technology and standardized components from Supertek.

DSC 1366 -

Fully automatic high precision length machine and straightener for round and flat wire with straightener, high precision 360° cross section and length measurement with cutting system including automatic sorting.

IMG 0334 1 1 -

Multi-winder of the MW class, individually usable as unwinder and rewinder for a wide variety of wires and fibers. With fully electronic and traversing laying with optional coil scanner, position scanner and electromagnetic dancer for high-precision winding tasks.

BMWi Fz 2017 Office Farbe de -
uncoil pay off medical multi winder class supertek -

MW class multi-winder for the clean room made of stainless steel with easy-to-clean surfaces. Travelling automatic laying and tension control with electromagnetic dancer EDL 60. Field of application especially for the production of medical products.

SupertekDoppelaufwickler -

Double rewinder for lithium ion ribbons with precise tension control with EDL 60 electromagnetic dancer and automated web edge control with MW class traving reel.

fine wire payoff supertek2 scaled -

Shaft winder of the ED class with electromagnetic dancer for sensitive unwinding of copper wire with 20µm diameter.

Supertek MPS scanner angle detection Supertek scaled -

Supertek’s MPS wire scanner detects the position of a wire or fiber during spooling and is used for straight-line unwinding or position-accurate spooling.

Supertek scanner coil spool scaled -

Precise installation with Supertek’s TDS coil scanner.

take up winder level layer wind supertek -

Layer-precise winding to the last layer with the MCU electronic laying and winding controller.

multifunctional re winder machine supertek -

High precision MW class rewinding and winding machine with two tension controlled unwinders and one traversing rewinder with automatic layer winding.

rewinder straightener supertek -

Mobile rewinding line with wire straightener for straightening wire. The wire straightening machine consists of a torque controlled decoiler, straightener and MW class recoiler.

Applikationsbeispiel Umspulanlage 1 scaled -

SW class rewinding machine for winding carbon and carbon fiber from cardboard spools to plastic spools. Automatic traversing decoiler and recoiler.

Drahtziehen scaled -

Retrofit of a drawing machine with precise tension control by two electromagnetic dancers EDL 60 and high-precision winder with fully electronic traverse ELU with Winding Controller MCU as well as a coil scanner TDS and wire scanner MPS for layer-clean winding according to Industry 4.0 standard.

IMG 5549 -

SW class rewinder with traversing take-up for winding materials with a small bending radius, such as thermoplastics and fibers.

Kompakt 4830 scaled -

Powerful tension-controlled decoiler with torque control.

Bruker Spaleck Anlage August 2020 2 scaled -

SW class automatic winder.

Most precise spooling of round and flat wire of various alloys on different spool shapes such as H-spools and conical spools.

re winder ED PTU class supertek -

Compact ED class rewinding line with high precision length measurement for the production of coils.

filament winder with electronic tension control supertek -

Filament winder with regulation of filament tension from 3D filament to standardized 200 mm spool with optimal layer winding of MW class.

Mavotec -

Fully automated tension control system for precise control of wire tension and tensile force with high bandwidth from 0 to 50 N.

filament rewinder supertek -

MW class 3D printing filament rewinding machine with precise spooler for optimal spooling pattern.

capstan supertek NOCH FREISTELLEN NEU1 -

Automatic take-off or wire take-off for decoupling the tension and for speed control, e.g. for winding machines, length machines or straightening machines.

IMG 2423 scaled -

High-precision tension control with the EDL 60 electromagnetic dancer.

Nasendraht 1 -

Multi-functional MW class rewinding machine with fully electronic traving decoiler and recoiler, as well as two tension control systems consisting of the EDR 10 and EDL 60 electromagnetic dancer.

DSC 3112 scaled -

MW class rewinding machine for rewinding thin wires with unwinding side shank winder for wire pay-off and traversing spool drive for precise layer winding.

Carlisle Interconnect 1 -

Rewinder consisting of tension-tensioned unwinder with electromagnetic dancer and rewinder with ED-class electronic traverser for precise rewinding of optical fiber and glass fiber.

DSC 2605 1 -

MW class unwinders and rewinders for fiber optics and optical fibers for installation in customized machines and equipment for fibers.